Know These Things First Before Buying Used Gym Equipment


If you have been planning on building a home gym but your limited budget is preventing you from carrying out your plan, then it’s probably wise to start thinking about buying used fitness equipment instead. If you decide you want to fill up your home gym with new equipment, it’ll cost you money you don’t have. But don’t be discouraged because when it comes to buying used commercial gym equipment, there’s a good chance you’re getting something that’s still in tiptop condition.

You see, many commercial fitness centers and gyms at buy new equipment for the purpose of retaining current member and attracting new ones. As such, there will be huge stock of used gym and fitness equipment and machines out there for sale, which actually are still in very good condition considering that they’ve only been used for a short period.

Nonetheless, you also can’t make the assumption that all of them are in good condition and that they’re perfect for your needs. Hence, you need to learn as much as you can about used fitness equipment at before you purchase one.

Learn The Terminology

In reality, there really is no strict rules or standards in describing used gym or fitness equipment. But then again, it still makes sense to learn if there is any difference between a pre-owned or refurbished gym equipment, or maybe one that’ reconditioned. Because you’re still are spending money for this investment, you should try hard to get an explanation from the salesperson.

Residential vs Commercial

Next step is to figure out if what you’re buying is commercial or residential type of fitness equipment. Accordingly, you might want to focus on finding a commercial grade fitness equipment sold at an affordable price. This is true if you find a residential grade of the same equipment. The obvious reason why commercial gym equipment is a better option is because it is designed to withstand constant use and abuse.

Manufacturer and Model

With regards to buying used products, including exercise machines, it is very important that you pick those made by renowned manufacturers or established brands. The fact that a manufacturer has a long standing reputation for making high quality exercise machines means that the one you’re buying will be reliable enough even if it’s a pre-owned version. Buying from an unknown brand could become your biggest and costliest mistake.


Lastly, it should be a great find if you come across a used gym equipment that comes with the warranty carried over from the original purchase. In case the manufacturer warranty no longer applies, it’s best to ask the dealer if they’re giving you one. For further details regarding fitness equipment, go to


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